The Vessel and Equipment

AWOL Fishing Charters with Captain Craig Inc. is proud to present the all new 2022 Sea Ark Procat 240. We cannot thank Sea Ark Boats enough for developing such a Great Vessel for us to provide for our customers.  This vessel produces tremendous horsepower and a very comfortable ride getting to and from fishing spots with the all new Suzuki DF250SS.  We can also trim up the Suzuki work horse with the Bobs Machine Jack Plate and get into very shallow water and over sandbars safely to find fish where others can't go.  This vessel offers 24 feet of safety, fun, and comfort for a full day on the water.  Her beam (width) is 94" which is just shy of 8 feet that offers lots of floor space. She features a full windshield forward of 4 comfortable captains chairs with armrests and cup holders for the driver and port (left) side passenger. She offers a full enclosure with a bimini top for cold or rainy days as well as HEAT for comfort during the winter months.  Have you ever caught a fish that had a Jacket on? Me either!!  She is also equipped with 22 Driftmaster rod holders for deep crappie, catfish, bass or what ever is your pleasure.  With two high power LED headlights for navigation safety and changeable color LED lights along the inside gunwales (top side), fishing at night is not a problem!  Also LED strip lights are along the rear rod rack to easily see when that monster cat tears off with your bait.  Front deck lighting for crappie fishing at night, a lighted 80 Gallon livewell, and 360 degree moveable spotlight for seeing where we are casting at night. Featured electronics on this Vessel are the most advanced and top of the line technology Garmin has to offer.  At the helm (steering wheel), we have two 9" Echomap monitors for GPS, scanning underwater structure for fish, finding bait fish and locating deep structures by using down, side and live imaging. On the bow, we have the all new Garmin Force Trolling Motor with anchor (spot) lock. It has a built in transducer with side and down imaging.  It also has a live scope mounted to a Garmin 126sv 12" and another 9" Garmin Echomap for mapping. It can be adjusted upwards and inwards so you are not staring down at the floorboard to locate fish or watching your lure on the Livescope. The vessel offers seating on the bow for up to 3 guests who are fishing the front of the boat and 4 seats in the rear that can be turned to face the back of the boat for catfishing or slow trolling.  We are proud to offer Abu Garcia Reels at this time. To name a few are the Revo Sx series, and the Revo Iconelli Low Profile bait casting reels for bass fishing. Upgrades coming soon!  We do have spinning reel and rod combos for those who prefer a spinning reel.  For Catfishing, rod choices are an ugly stick brown tiger rod med/heavy paired with an Abu Garcia 6500, 6600 and all the all new 7000 Catfish Specials.  We have a lot of different rods and reels for all types of other fishing to include saltwater, trolling, and bottom fishing. But if you have a favorite rod, please feel free to bring it.  Below are a few pictures of our Vessel and Some of the equipment. Not all rods, reels and equipment are pictured at this time.  Some photos may be blurry due to orientation and size on certain devices. 

Thanks for Checking us out at AWOL Fishing Charters with Captain Craig Inc.